Don’t you dare miss this hilariously funny courthouse drama/comedy play with an amazing all-star cast featuring the ever so funny, crazy and witty ‘The big 4 of Jamaican comedy theatre in the UK’ – Charles Tomlin, Devon Morgan, Lovena Brown and Oilve Miller, plus the sensational Victor Romero-Evans and Zyajah Johnson.

She is an aspriring model. He is a celebrity chef. Their marriage took an unexpected turn when she decided to leave him for another man – supposedly to be his cousin.

As fate would have it, she decided to get nasty and wrote very graphic details in a letter to him – to hurt him badly. But on the day the divorce was served, he won £23 million on the lottery. So, she decided that she has to get half of the winnings, but he said ‘that’s over my dead body!’.

The court has to decide, but there is one big problem. Due to budget cuts by the government, the judge has not got a panel of jurors, so you, the audience, will have to be the jury!